NEW Educational Program- Rethink Prescription Opioids for Chronic Pain

If you are confused or frustrated with respect to some aspects of opioid prescribing, you are not alone.1 We as health care professionals are responsible for providing relief to our patients with chronic pain without exposing them or others to unnecessary risks.2 With opioid therapy, this may be easier said than done.
While the real and growing problem of prescription opioid abuse may cause some of us to avoid prescribing these medications,1  the Rethink Opioids initiative presents a different approach. Our approach was developed through the joint efforts of a diverse Steering Committee and the sponsor of the initiative, Pfizer Inc.—a collaboration referred to as PROJECT ROOT. We believe that, by rethinking opioid medications for chronic pain, we can help encourage clinically appropriate use of these agents as part of an overall pain management plan, while helping protect patients, their families, our practices, and society from the known risks of opioids.
Click HERE to find practical information, resources, and tools to help you cultivate appropriate opioid prescribing in your practice. We hope you will join us in this effort.
The PROJECT ROOT Steering Committee,
for the
Rethink Opioids initiative

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