BMS Co-Pay Webinar — effective January 1, 2014

BMS will be hosting a webinar to discuss the cost sharing initiative, which is effective January 1, 2014.  This webinar is applicable to the following provider types:
•             Practitioner
•             Hospital
•             Pharmacy
•             Rural Health Clinic
•             Federally Qualified Health Clinic
•             Ambulatory Surgical Center
•             Overview of cost sharing initiative
o             Cost sharing structure
o             Maximum out of pocket
o             Member populations/services exempt from cost sharing
•             Eligibility response from the Molina web portal
•             Member proof of coverage
•             Questions and Answers
Conference Access Information:
Call the conference number using the information below:
•             US Toll-Free: 855-665-4629
•             Meeting number:  808 858 244
Click on the link below to attend the WebEx:

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